Questions To Ask Before You Buy Shutters

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Shutters

Purchasing shutters for your home can seem like an overwhelming task when you realize the countless options – size, style, color, shutter hardware – that you have to consider. The good news is you can customize the shutters to your liking. The questions below will help set you on the right track when purchasing shutters.

What Size Shutters Do I Need?

Measure your windows before ordering the shutters. You’ll want to make sure the manufacturer you prefer makes the size you need. Custom shutters can be created if standard sizes don’t work for your home.

What Shutter Material Is Best?

Just as there are several choices for color and exterior shutter hinges, you also have a choice of material. The most popular choices are aluminum, plastic, and wood. Plastic works well in climates with high temperatures and offers a relatively long life-span, but premium wood products can last generations, and act as a strong insulator. Consider your climate before choosing the material.

How Many Shutters Do I Order?

You may decide you only need to replace shutters for one window or you want to update the entire home. Choose how many shutters you need, and since they come in pairs, you can order multiples, or store some shutters for future replacements.

Do I Need Exterior Shutter Hardware?

Exterior shutter hardware is often used to accentuate the look of shutters on a home. Finely crafted shutter hardware can not only enhance the look of your home, but it can make the functionality much easier. Consider the color for your exterior shutter hardware and how it would contrast with your house and shutter color. It’s a good idea to keep the shutter hardware exterior uniform on all windows to keep the look of the home as a whole more appealing.

How Much Do Exterior Shutters Cost?

Your budget will depend on the shutter material you use, number of shutters needed, and type of shutter hardware used to finish the project. On average, the typical vinyl shutter set will run about $70. If you opt for customized wood shutters, be prepared to pay around $400 a set. The shutter exterior hardware will run you another $100 on average per pair of shutters.

Which Shutter Warranty Is Best?

The warranty offered for your home shutters can vary depending on the level of protection you choose – including the lifetime, and other extended coverage options you pick. Consider how long you plan to be in the home or when you hope to make more upgrades. If future home improvements include new shutters, purchase the shutter warrantee that works best for your timeline.