3 Steps To The Perfect Shutter Color

For all the weekend warriors looking to take on the next DIY home improvement project, replacing or installing shutters may be on the list. Although shutters were originally designed for lighting control, ventilation, and window protection, an added benefit of today’s shutters is improved curb appeal. Whether you’re replacing shutter hardware, or refreshing the look with a coat of paint, when the correct style and color of shutter is installed properly, a home’s outward appearance can be drastically improved. Likewise, if the wrong color pallet or exterior shutter hardware is used, the curb appeal can quickly deteriorate. There are endless color options, so how do you know which hue will work best for your home? We’re breaking it down into three easy steps.

Decide On The Look

Before you jump into paint options, think about your home as a whole. What is the theme you’re trying to achieve? For example, are you going for a beach house look with cool colors, or do you have a colonial-style home with the traditional lighter house color and need darker shutters? Consider how you want to feel when you (and your guests) drive up to your home each day. Shutter color and shutter hardware choice will add personality to your home, but you don’t want it to be overwhelming. Think about your home’s overall appearance, not just the shade of the shutters, so you’re sure to choose a complimentary hue.

Contrasting vs. Soft Colors

It’s true, opposites attract, at least in the world of house and shutter colors. But contrasting colors aren’t necessarily the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right pallet. Softer colors can also complement one another. Crisp, white shutters on an earth tone home give a soft, welcoming feel. IN this case, shutter hinges that are less bold will likely work best. If your home is a dark color, but you’re not a big fan of the stark white, try a soft gray or taupe to accent the color. It’s good to have a couple of options in mind, in case your first color choice doesn’t translate well on your home.

Customize The Color

If you’ve been to a hardware store lately, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a color that exist that isn’t on one of the paint pallet color sticks. (Who knew there were that many shades of off-white?) But the beauty of choosing a color for your home’s shutters is that you can customize the shade for your personal reasons. Whether you’re using the shutters to display your alma mater colors, the shade from your rose bushes, or just your favorite color, the shade can be created to directly reflect your personality. Also, test a few different shutter hardware styles to make sure the colors and hinges give the look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re totally lost on what color would work well with your home, try narrowing the list of choices. Do you want to focus on light or dark shared? Are you leaning more towards blues and greens, or corals and reds? From there imagine the color against your home. How do your options present with the rest of the house? Keep your original goal in mind with how you want to feel when you pull up to your home and choose the color that best represents your theme and your personality.

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