Should You Buy A Storm Door Or Screen Door?

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Should you purchase a screen door or a storm door for your home? Many people use the terms interchangeably, but the two options are actually very different and offer different types of protection for your house. We’ll delve into the characteristics of each door and help you decide, based on your needs for your home, which is the better fit.

What is a screen door?

A screen door, as its name suggests, is a framed screen that can span the length of the entire door, or just the top or bottom half. The frame can be made from a number of materials, and the price point will fluctuate depending on which material you choose and the screen door hardware. Wooden frames on screen doors are most common, and are usually covered with a thin layer of aluminum for added protection against wear. Less expensive screen doors include those constructed from fiberglass or vinyl that do not have the wood base. If greater protection is needed, screen doors covered in steel are also available.

Why buy a screen door?

Screen doors are great for ventilation and allowing a cool breeze to sweep through your home. You can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the insects coming inside. A screen door also offers visibility to your porch or deck and most screen door hardware allows the door to latch automatically after a person enters or exits the home.

What is a storm door?

Storm doors are a bit tougher than screen doors. Instead of having the screen surrounded by the door frame, a storm door offers double pane glass or another sturdy material. The glass is often divided into panels in storm doors and has the option for a piece of steel or other protective material to slide over the glass. The frames on storm doors are made of wood, layered in steel, vinyl, or aluminum.

Why buy a storm door?

Storm doors are best for climates that are windy, rainy, extremely hot, or see a lot of snowfall. You can still take advantage of sunlight coming into the home through the glass, but you’re safe from the elements. As the name implies, storm doors are also a good fit for homes along the coast, where storms can hit during Hurricane season. Using the extra steel insert will help protect the glass from shattering during a strong storm.

Storm doors are also made with less glass, for those concerned about security. Most storm doors also have at least one lock for added protection.

Best of Both Doors

A combination door allows you to swap out a screen for glass and vice versa. You can use the screen during comfortable seasons like the spring and fall, and opt for the glass protection during very hot or cold months.

Prices for Screen and Storm Doors

Screen doors can run from $35 to $200, depending on the quality and materials you choose. Most storm doors will run about $150, but there are less expensive options as well as doors that are priced north of $400.

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